Castle's expert team will help with every step from start to finish, a complete turn key service in property investment. Initially we will meet with you in one of our apartments and discuss the investment model in depth, so that you can fully understand how each part works to achieve the ultimate goal and maximise your investment.

Everything is set out clearly so there are no hidden costs, and all figures are conservative so as to meet your expectations rather than over promise. The idea is to build a long term relationship, as the majority of our current portfolio is made up of repeat business and business through positive referrals.

The next step is to start looking for the ideal property in terms of size, location, budget as well as other factors such as the overall building, age, condition and the layout of the individual unit. All of these play a major role in achieving the maximum rental, which determines the nett yield.

With our extensive network of agents, we are able to cover a vast majority of the properties currently on the market, and through our “buying power” we truly get the agents to work for us in achieving the best possible prices and terms, as well as being the first port of call for new properties coming on to the market. This puts us in a strong position when it comes to negotiations, and sourcing the best properties.

Once the provisional sales and purchase agreement have been signed, we can help put you in touch with the best people with many of the major and small banks, to help arrange the financing if required. Every step taken is with the aim of achieving above market nett yields as well as focusing on areas which offer significant capital gains over the medium term.